In Aotearoa New Zealand, one of the most effective ways to support the crisis in Ukraine is to fundraise locally, and use the power of the New Zealand dollar to support initiatives in Eastern Europe.

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Should I support Grassroots or Established Organisations?

Grassroots organisations are much more financially efficient (often with little to no overhead expenses), are highly agile (are not restricted by bureaucracy),  and are therefore very effective in crisis conditions.

Established organisations are more structured, have better governance, and are capable of providing large amounts of support over longer periods of time.

Both types of organisations need support, and we have compiled a list of trusted organisations for you to support.

🤝Do you want to volunteer?

Fundraising and donating to one of the organisation listed above is one of the best ways to support on the ground initiatives. St Johns, has a great list of ideas that you could follow.

Cyber Security: Join the IT Army of Ukraine to support their initiatives


Follow the Ukrainian Association of New Zealand who hold protests

Embassy of Ukraine in your country


Ukraine is represented in New Zealand by the Ukrainian Embassy in Singapore.

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